Movie in the Park

    Building relations with businesses has lots of benifits. One is the movie in the park night that Cox Communications is known for. We had clowns, exhibits, games for the kids and a movie. What a great way for a neighborhood to come together.


Myers Elementary School has been in our neighborhood for 50 years. The portable classrooms needed a paint job but with today's budget cuts, that wasn't going to happen. So - We got together and started the job and organized United Way Days of Caring Days to finish the job.


Davis-Monthan Air Force Base volunteered for United Way Days of Caring and finished up the paint job on the portable classrooms. 


United Way Days of Caring was a wonderful time for everyone to get together and clean up the neighborhood by removing graffitti. Thanks to Job Corp, Valero and IBM for giving us a helping hand. 


Five neighborhoods and three businesses come together to build a KaBOOM playground on lot that had been left unfinished for 40 years.


In 2005 Myers Neighborhood and the four surrounding neighborhoods came together to make our neighborhoods a safer place to live. Since then crime stats show a 54% decrease in violet crime in the five neighborhoods. Every year we have an Annual Celebration to thank everyone for making our neighborhoods a better place to live. 


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