Our BBQ may have been rained out in April (see below) but we have rescheduled for May 21st.

Come join us for a fun filled morning at Swan Park. A time to eat, play and have a great time with your neighbors


Brought to you by Pantano Christian Church and your very own Neighborhood Association

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Weather wise, April is usually Arizona’s best time of the year to have events.

However, the day of Serve Tucson started out cold and got colder as the rain came. This did not stop our great neighbors and friends with their mission. Swan Park playground had flowers  planted and graffiti removed.

The BBQ had to be postponed until better weather, but that just gave us a great excuse to have another event.

It truely was a wonderful day. Many came together in the cold and rain to spruced up the park and in turn were blessed with water for the flowers they planted (it rained on and off all day)


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